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Shamimu Mwasha and husband diagnosed with Case to Answer

The High Court Division of the popular economic sabotage and corruption as corruption has said that businessman Abdu Kisembo (45) and his wife Shamimu Mwasha (41), have a case to answer.

Likewise, the court said the family members will begin to defend tomorrow (September 3).

The decision was made yesterday by the court under Judge Elinaza iliyoketi Luvanda after hearing eight witnesses and six specimens of the Republic.

However, the accused told the court that they would call one witness with ourselves, the defense will have three witnesses.

The Republic was led by Senior State Attorney, Veronica MTIKILA attorney Constantine They shall eat.

In the base case, the defendants are accused of transporting illegal drugs, May Day, this year, as Mbezi Beach area, Kinondoni District in Dar es Salaam against the law of economic sabotage.