16 Criminal Court proceedings In the CCM Kada Songwe

16 people have been referred to the Judicial Magistrate in Charge Songwe Province yesterday, were charged with the alleged murder is a cadre of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Briton Mollel.

The killings took place after the outbreak of violence between people who claimed to be supporters of the party and the Party for Democracy and Progress (CHADEMA) and causing two others injured.

Waliofikishwa court is Peter small machine, Ijumeleghe Mwanjila Elijah Sichone, Charles Simkonda David Mwajunga, Wiliam Simkoko, Oscar Philip, John Mkumbwa, Feston Kitta, Tonny Siwale Job Mwakasege.

Others are James Simkoko, Julius Wilson, Emmanuel Msinjili, Hidaya Mwangoka and Jenifer Mwasenga.

Attorney, Renatus Mkude, alleged before resident magistrate in charge of the Tribunal, Kassim dictionaries, that the defendants had committed the offense on August 25, this year in the area of ​​the county town of Tunduma Mwakakati Momba district, province Songwe.

Reading the charge in the criminal trial, lawyer Mkude claimed that the accused persons committed the offense of murder contrary to the penal code chapter 16 of the Laws of Tanzania.

Hakumu dictionaries was postponing the trial until September 14, this year, where the suspects were returned to custody because the case is not responsible.

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