Vice President calls for Use Of Receipt Of Warehouse

Vice President, Hon. Settlement Samia Hassan, has appealed to the farmers of various crops in increasing the use of Cooperative System using Warehouse Receipts to get to the markets and the price of productive farmers.

The Vice President made the remarks while inaugurating Anniversary Celebration Exhibition of Agriculture and Farmers Nanenane, Nationwide yesterday August 1, 2020 in Nyakabindi Parks, Region Simiyu.

The Vice President has said that it is important to farmers to sell their produce through cooperatives especially in areas that already have well-established systems Warehouse Receipt. Furthermore, he urged all regions to prepare well and use systems and Receipt Warehouse operatives to get the price of productive and beneficial to farmers.

"We have beefed marketing of agricultural products through a system of receipt of the barn. The government has strengthened Warehouse receipt system to ensure the products are sold to the system through a cooperative to give farmers a guaranteed market and price productive, "insisted Vice-President

Speaking about the motto of this year's celebration of 2020, which says "For the development of agriculture, livestock and fishing guides Select Best 2020", Mama Samia said that relate to this period that we are heading Election officials across the country. So people use the opportunity to choose better leaders who will bring a positive revolution in the Economic Sector of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

"During the election will come pass the opportunity to choose leaders who will bring a positive revolution to manage policy, security markets and the broader interests of the Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and national development," said Hon. Samia.

At the launch the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Japhet Hasunga, he mentioned some of the areas in which the Government has continued to pressure for strategic development includes the registration of farmers in favor of access to accurate data, determine the areas of the farmers, their needs in favor of increasing the efficiency of production. Similarly Mr. Hasunga has said that the government is doing a review of Agrarian Policy of 2003 aimed at establishing law Agriculture, launch insurance products, strengthening the marketing of agricultural products, strengthening of systems of access to agricultural inputs appropriate for time.

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