Prof. Luoga: The strength of the financial sector adds integrated financial services

Prof. Luoga: The strength of the financial sector adds integrated financial services
And. Peter Haule and Farida Ramadan, WFM, Simiyu
Governor of the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) Prof. Florens Luoga, said the Ministry of Finance and Planning Sector focuses on revamp of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries to set rules which ensure improved integrated financial services.

Prof. Luoga, made the remarks when he visited Banda of the Ministry of Finance and Planning in Nanenane exhibitions taking place in the National Parks Region Nyakabindi Simiyu.

"The participation of the Department and the Institute of the Ministry of Finance and Planning with the banks has increased, this is a good thing to be a sector essential to develop the agricultural sector, fishing and farming is taking many Tanzanians over 70 percent", said Prof. Luoga.

In addition he said that the BoT imejiimarisha more in collaboration with banks, to ensure that the financial services and investment in the private sector is given priority, all the banks that came in exhibitions Nanenane this year has specific products to cater for those sectors, something that is a new awareness that comes and better government policy.

Prof Luoga said that the improvement in the financial sector in agriculture, livestock and fisheries will remove the problem of production of the season because of agricultural raw materials-based industries may stand at any time if they had the raw materials.

He said the policy encourages updating irrigation systems, crops and grain zinazohifadhi authority it needed to ensure products are available to process the whole year.

For its part the Mara Regional Commissioner, Mr. Adam Malima, said Tanzanians should be aware that the taxes levied by the State treasury productivity for farmers and help improve the lives and production.

He said that there are taxes that are a nuisance to farmers and fishermen that the Government through the Ministry of Finance imeziondoa, which is of great benefit to the local economy since linachochea production.

"I have visited Banda of the Ministry is the third consecutive year and every time I come I have found no increase in service and great creativity which indicates there is a commitment to promote the local economy through the financial services that are to be commended", explained Mr. Malima.

Discipline held by the Ministry of Finance and Planning in the Income and Expenditure by sending their gift is well established systems at all levels of government officials, especially those dealing with issues of public funds in order to increase revenues and the management of those revenues.

Banda Akiwaongoza these visitors visit the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Head of Communications of the Ministry Seikalini, Mr. Benny Mwaipaja, he reassured the public that the Government recognizes the contribution of the agricultural sector in the economic growth of this country will continue to prepare good policies and budget money to boost the economy of the country.

He said that after the establishment of an electronic system to collect revenue for the government GePG using its professionals inside, right now these experts have developed another system of accounting known by the name of MUSE, which seeks to regulate the use of the government that has come into use.

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