Worship begins Hajj Saudi Arabia

Believers of Islam begin rites of Hajj in Saudi Arabia which will see quite a small number of pilgrims in history due to corona virus epidemic.

The annual rite begins today in the pilgrimage town under the shadow of the corona virus epidemic which has led to Muslims who do not exceed 10,000 will only be allowed to participate is a religious event of five days.

That number members elected by special screening is a very small part compared to 2.5 million pilgrims attending the pilgrimage last year.

Two-thirds of pilgrims chosen this year are foreigners living in Saudi Arabia and the government has said there is a representation of the 160 nations that usually Muslim believers every year the ritual involved.
Hajj, one of the five pillars of the Muslim faith and that muumuni capable should fulfill at least once in his life typically is one of a very large religious gatherings in the world.

However outbreak corona virus epidemic has forced Saudi Arabia to prevent trips millions of believers and pilgrims chosen few have been tested for corona virus for several days and were placed quarantine in a hotel in Mecca.

Technology will take place in the pilgrimage of 2020

Head of planning at the Ministry of Hajj and Umra to Saudi Arabia Amr Al-Jeddah has said lining up with the cult kurahisusha technology and reduce the threat of the spread of the virus.

"Right now our technology is the horse the whole journey of pilgrimage. Tunatizama what technology can do to simplify the pilgrimage and make it in a simple way. And also to manage the conduct of all these people who are in large numbers "said Al- Jiddah

Makkah and other holy sites testing equipment temperature are used for the first time the auctioneer shall change any health risks for pilgrims.

Media Saudi Arabia disclosed health workers inflate the antiviral drugs in boxes of pilgrims and others were given special belts to monitor where they are.
Saudi Arabia all expenses paid for a place of pilgrimage

Likewise, all pilgrims will be required to wear a mask and kuzingtia principles of separation in a series of rites to be held in the glorious city of Mecca and the surrounding areas to the west of Saudi Arabia.

It also aimed at preventing the spread of corona virus, authorities in charge of rites of Hajj pilgrims touched beaten ban''Ka'bah'' square of a small building in the middle of the great mosque in Mecca.

During the ritual this year Saudi Arabia has said all the costs of food, accommodation, transport and medical care to pilgrims shall be paid by the government.

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