TIP Project Manager Ms. Sengerema district. Asina Shenduli
And Ellukagha Kyusa - Buchosa
Union Institute in four religions (TIP) in collaboration with various influential women imewatumia eradicate sexual abuse of children via the Upgrade project being implemented in council Buchosa Sengerema stationed in the territory of the region.

TIP Project Manager Ms. Sengerema District. Asina Shenduli explained that women have been at the forefront and people more closely in the upbringing of children so it becomes easier to use women in supplying knowledge about child sexual abuse and to cooperate with religious leaders in the educational supply.

Sheduli added that these influential women have the opportunity to encourage communities to form groups within the community to provide education to combat sexual abuse of children and the importance of form sanjali number three for society to protect children's rights.

For their part, citizens, including Doricas Lenatus and Jofrey Zacharia said they need a good knowledge of the importance of form number three police (PF3) due to the ignorance of anything related to the form with the ignorance of the importance of enforcement of the form and its advantages in completing evidence for the prosecution at the court level.

Chief Welfare Council Buchosa Mercy Katany explained that there has been the challenge of not having adequate cooperation between citizens with guidance from cases of sexual abuse of children and a large percentage of the country have been completed cases in conversation family or kulipana money something that is not correct in seeking the right of the child who was sexually abused.

 TIP via Upgrade Project inendelea supplying adequate education to residents of the committee will help reduce child sexual abuse by law stakihi taken against the suspect will be a lesson for those who commit acts of cruelty to children.

TIP Institute comprises four institutions, including religious, Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA), the Union of Christian churches of Tanzania (CCT), the Council of Bishops (TEC), together with the Office of the Mufti Zanzibar (MOZ)

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