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Tanzanians should avoid NEWS phenomenon

Tanzanians have been urged kulisemea good things their nation to be diplomatic and good with other nations, especially at this time when the National linaomboleza death late Benjamin William Mkapa and leave information distortion is propagated in social networks especially after the mission of Kenya, which was the participation in the funeral of Nations in Dar es Salaam fail to arrive as planned.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the South East Dr. Damas Ndumbaro made the remarks in Dar es Salaam following widespread reports of greater hindrance in social networks, especially after the mission, which was to represent Kenya at the burial of national conducted Stadium Benjamin Mkapa in Dar es Salaam fail to arrive by plane imewabeba the delegates to turn Kenya.

Dr.Ndumbaro added that to write or publish fabricated information and non-confirmation is illegal networks burning yam 2015 and his punishment includes imprisonment.