See Photos: Azmina ARIF AMIR wins election Opinion polls MP for Special Seats CCM GROUP OF YOUNG SHINYANGA

Azmina Arif Amir showing his number during the voting process in an election referendum Parliamentary Quota Through UVCCM Shinyanga Region where he won the 1 to get lots 13 between lots 28 dialed, followed by Janeth substance lots 6 and Leah Beke votes 5.

Azmina Arif Amir has won the first election opinion polls Parliament Quota Through the Youth League of the Chama cha Mapinduzi (UVCCM) Shinyanga to get lots 13 between lots 28 dialed while Janeth substance he scored 6 and Leah Beke getting votes 5.

Announcing the election results of the Youth Council Meeting UVCCM Shinyanga province Thursday July 30.2020 Supervisor election, Dr. Philemon Sengati who is the governor of Tabora said the elections had been free and fair where more decisions will be made at the meeting of the Youth Council UVCCM nation.

Amewataja adolescents 14 to CCM turnout in the race for the position of parliamentary quota by a group of youngsters CCM that is Azmina Arif Amir, who has scored 13, followed by Janeth substance has got lots 6 and Leah Donald Beke who scored 5 followed by Sikitu Elson Samuel lot 2, lot 1 Lili Suzana Reuben and Emanuel Jackline Ndombile 1 vote.

Others are Cecilia Peter roofing stage, Husna Salam Zahrani, Jesca Tuesday Masehese, Athanas Lukuba Mercy, Mercy Gasper Kyando, Prisca Lazaro Woo, Rebeca Boniphace Giti and Theresia Masanja who caught lots.

"Once this election as there will be no winner this contradiction we brought in other measures. Here we need only one winner will yewakilisha Shinyanga region will yeingia the national scramble to get six MPs mainland ", said Dr. Sengati.

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Tabora Regional Commissioner, Dr. Philemon Sengati speaking on the ballot referendum select Special Seats MP Shinyanga region through a group of youngsters UVCCM Shinyanga province Thursday July 30.2020. Left is Secretary districts of Shinyanga Urban, Agnes Bashemu, UVCCM right is Chairman of the Shinyanga region, Baraka Shemahonge.

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