Iran-US fire, grenades attacked his ship to the edge

Iran to intense shelling fake war ship of the US in strategic sea gate of Hormuz.

The exercise was shared by intense stage attacks iliofanya two US camps put ourselves in a state of alert.
US Army lilishutumu this bad habit ikiitaja iliotekelezwa and Iran as an attempt to intimidate and inquisitively.
The exercise linajiri when there is tension between Tehran and Washington in the Gulf region.
Description of the photo, Iranian troops threw missiles targeting US ships
The ship of war similar to that of the US, which is often used to carry aircraft apparently carrying a fake bird enters into the Gulf.
Yanarushwa future missiles from different locations, including other that yanailenga the ship.
Rockets also were thrown from the ground
Another missile that linarushwa from a variety of helicopter flight likipiga appears on one side of the ship's artificial.
The disclosed what in the exercise were attacks from the air and through the water, said the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Gen. Hossein Salami speaking to the nation's television.
Iran troops were flying to the US fleet
The attack of the ballistic missile was discovered action which resulted in the US military to take risks in their camp UAE and Qatar, the US military said.
"The United States is working with the practice of promoting safety at sea in support of freedom of ship travel, while Iran been training to attack, to try to intimidate and bully", said the commander Rebecca Rebarich, a spokesman for the Navy of the United States as in the Bahrain.

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