Halima adds referendum BULEMBO Parliament UVCCM KAGERA

And Allawi Kaboyo Bukoba.

The electoral process of the referendum within the Chama Cha Mapinduzi continues today July 30 this year to find candidates who will be waving the flag of the party in general elections expected to be held Oct. 28 this year.

Community youth wing CCM in the country have made the choice to find candidates for the representation of parliamentary seats specific to teenagers in the region of Kagera the election has been held in the hall of the high school Bukoba been lumped excites committed 19 while delegates valid conference being 48.

Announcing the results of the election general election supervisor who had come on behalf of the governor general Nkumba Said Geita district Bukombe has declared Hon. Halima Abdallah Bulembo incumbent MP had led the opinion polls to get the 35 votes he fatiwa and Bi. Joanfaith Kataraia who Paata lots 9 and Bi.Koku Fatuma Ruta, who has scored 2, Doris Robert Elias Jacrine lot 1 and lot 1, while the rest of them ended up with 0 votes.

Nkumba added that this election is a referendum process so other processes underway, including sessions with candidates Discipling all connected and not to give up the results here were inspired not rejoice because the process is still ongoing.

After the announcement of the results all candidates were given the opportunity to give thanks where both have pledged to cooperate in the general election that lies ahead of them where Halima Bulembo has said that he as the MP Incumbent and continue to defend his position that he will continue to defend the youth in parliament and ensure the rights of youth available.

Earlier speaking at the meeting the head of Bukoba district Deodatus Kinawiro urged young people to take care of party discipline and protect the foundations of their members and make sure they win in the next election.

Kinawiro urged youths unusable badly in this election and led to create a bad image of the party and yells severely Corrupt practices and the administration of justice while supporters all candidates who will be brought to the party in the general election chau.

"Youth is a great host to our party and current leaders and future leaders, many leaders who see us have cooked through unity of young people now would be a great shame to see a young man of CCM was involved in acts of corruption, breach of the peace and events uselessly." He insisted Kinawiro

Moreover Kinawiro urged youths representing their peers to represent a registered this election to be fair and to be a role model for the youth of other political parties.

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